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CSIR-CMERI transfers COVID related technologies for commercial production

New Delhi: Along with scientific and technology-based innovations, their commercial production is equally important. In a recent initiative, CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur, has transferred its COVID-related technologies to Sai Enviro Engineers Pvt Ltd (SEEPL), Tamil Nadu, Zen Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd, Telangana, and Trinity Microsystems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi respectively.

CMERI is a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). COVID- related technologies transferred by CSIR-CMERI include Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System in modular form, Oxygen Enrichment Unit and Intelligent UVC LED Sterilizer Unit.

Prof. (Dr) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI said “There has been a substantial recurrence of the COVID-19 menace in recent times. At the same time, there is an urgent need to strengthen the Indian Economy through a multi-pronged strategy, which aims towards Atma Nirbharta or Self-Reliance. CSIR-CMERI is dedicated towards the goal of Atma Nirbharta through technology innovations & transfers, which reflects the latest technology advancements for societal intervention, to the MSMEs, small entrepreneurs and start-ups.”

It may be noted that CSIR- CMERI has developed technology for Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System in modular form depending on the requirement of the end user. The different modules of technology transfer consist of the separation of a solid component from liquid waste utilizing screw based press, regenerative hot air drying system from hot flue gas of pyrolysis plant, briquetting machine, composting of separated solid. CSIR-CMERI has transferred five modules of technology to Sai Enviro Engineers Pvt Ltd for utilization of solid components of liquid waste from sewage treatment plant/effluent treatment plant.

The official of Sai Enviro said that CSIR-CMERI developed Waste Management technology shall not only help in achieving decentralized decimation of solid wastes but shall also help in creating value-added end-products from abundantly available redundant kinds of stuffs such as dry leaves, dry grass, etc. He added that, “The MSW Processing Facility by CSIR-CMERI is developed for disposal of solid waste scientifically, following the Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM) 2016 prescribed by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF & CC).

The Oxygen Enrichment Unit developed by the Institute is a device, which concentrates the oxygen from the air around us by selectively removing nitrogen to supply oxygen-enriched air. The concentrated oxygen is delivered to the patient with breathing-related problems through an oxygen mask or nasal cannula to improve oxygenation in the blood.  The device may be used in Homes or Hospital type facilities for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), chronic hypoxemia and pulmonary edema. It may be used as an adjunct treatment for severe sleep apnea (in conjunction with a continuous positive airway pressure unit).

During the Transfer of Technology, the representative of Zen Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. hailed the efforts of the Institute in developing the Oxygen Enrichment Unit and stated that the technology would be useful for the households due to the rise in pollution and at the hospitals for providing the enriched oxygen for the pulmonary diseases. He stated that it would also be equally effective for high-altitude terrain soldiers for their contingency purposes due to its smooth portability.

CSIR CMERI brings an intelligent, ultra-portable, safe UVC Led based disinfection technology, designed to sterilize germs, right to your doorstep for you and your dear ones to be safe at the touch of a button, either at home or while enjoying a long ride. The design facilitates wireless and sensor based operation with added features for the safety of users.  While taking the technology the people from Trinity Microsystems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi appreciated the Institute for coming out with such technology and said that the deployment of this Sterilizer Unit at Schools and Industrial units would be vital for continuing their businesses during the resurgence of the pandemic. (India Science Wire)

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