Dr. Sneha Rakesh wins Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur award from Business Mint

Bengaluru, Karnataka : Dr. Sneha Rakesh, a rural entrepreneur traveled all the way from Hassan to Belgium, creating success stories. She is a woman entrepreneur who has achieved great heights in the technology industry. With sheer dedication and heightened passion, she has done everything to reach the position where she is today. She followed a common saying: never to quit, and don’t lose hope. She always believed that after attaining a single goal, people should set another goal to achieve it. By doing this, she has achieved all her objectives and has gained great fame. She is a champion in the industry and is a well-known figure for her adversity. 

She has a diploma in computer science from SMT. L V Polytechnic College in Hassan Karnataka. She also has a part-time degree in MSC Engineering, M S RAMAIAH School of Advanced Studies. She started her first job when she attained the age of 19. She started working as a Software Developer after completing her Diploma in the Technological field. Apart from joining the job in a startup company, she joined an evening college for her further studies. 

After working for a few months, she realized that she was not fit to work under others. She felt that she is not made to work for someone else and that she should start something of her own. She was highly motivated to start her venture, and soon she left her job at the startup. It was in 2008, she started her own company and named it VCreate Software Solutions. During her career, the lady achieved experiences by working in a total of 5 companies. 

From 2009-2010 she worked as a Customer Support Executive in Karnataka. Then after the job there, she worked as a Technical Support Consultant in GokalDas Exports till 2011. She has also worked as a Software Developer/UI Designer from 2011-2012 in Vetril Systems. In this company, she worked as an Experienced Senior Software Engineer using UML and Design Pattern. 

In her enterprise, VCreate Software Solutions offer marketing solutions, Software Solutions, and development solutions. She has extensive expertise in Sales and Marketing, along with providing Strategies for Businesses. She also has expertise in Business and People Development, as well as a Business Expansion Specialist. 

In the year 2013, she joined a post-graduation course and worked with a company and majored in Computer Science and Networking. In 2015, she obtained the degree and passed the course. By the time she obtained her Masters, her company had grown and achieved greater height. She successfully appointed a lot of enthusiasts who have expertise in different fields. With their capabilities and knowledge, they used to satisfy their clients considerably. In 2015, they changed the name of VCreate Software Solutions to Akarmaxs Tech Pvt Ltd. 

They also provided training for skill enhancement and enlightenment to unemployed and youth so that they can have a bright future. They conducted sessions for shaping their future and helped them with inputs to get jobs and required skills. She achieved the title of the best Women Entrepreneur in June 2019, by an International Magazine, Business Connect. She was chosen to be featured on the first page of the Magazine for her achievement. 

She has been educating people so that their future is shaped, and they become a person who is employed. To date, she has already educated almost 2000 students and has also helped unemployed who were desperately in need. It is because of her respectable work in the society that she has obtained several achievements and awards. 

A few of her felicitations include Women Achiever of the Year (eMerg 2018), Natural.

Resource of India, Chandigarh, International Achiever Award, Bangkok, Most Inspiring Women in India, Most Promising Leaders of Asia. It fills her heart with great pleasure when people respect her work, and she can achieve everything she ever dreamt of. 

It is because of the commendable work that she was chosen as the Women Entrepreneur of the Year – 2020 in the Technology Industry. One of the youngest entrepreneurs who believed she could, and she did. A rural entrepreneur who accomplished great heights with bigger dreams in her heart. During her childhood, she struggled for her education funds, which is why she had to finance her education. With strong willpower, she completed her studies. Her heart fills with pride when she is being honored with due respect. Business Mint Nationwide Awards honored her with the title in 2020. 

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