Glam Guidance Announced winners Janhabi Jena And Yaha Mirchandani

Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India 2021 was successfully organized on 19th December. In which 56 participants from all over India showed their talent. All 56 participants from India showed their own culture and represented their state. All these participants had come from almost all the states of the country.  The winner of Miss India Universe 2021 is Janhabi Jena who hails from Gajapati Odisha. The winner of Mrs India Universe 2021 is Yana Mirchandani, who hails from Kalyan Maharashtra. Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India 2021 is a national competition that tests contestants on internationally standards. The winners were selected by a rigorous jury. The jury members included Smiley Mukta Ghosh from America, Nazia from Singapore, Kanika from Dubai, Girish Kumar from India and Mrs India Neha Singh. First runner up in Miss category won by Salini Ghosh (West Bengal) and Kaveesha Verma (Uttarakhand).  The second runner up won by Riya Kalshyana (Uttarakhand) and Jyotilaxmi Sahoo (Odisha).

Barsha Mohini Das (Odisha) won the first runner up in Mrs category, second runner up won by Ankita Parihar (Uttar Pradesh) and Nancy (Delhi).  The director of the show Neha Singh said that the participation from almost all the states of the country was a matter of pride in itself and the example of unity in diversity of the country that has once again emerged from this show.

A.Ji Jewellers Crowns will be send to the winners as A. Ji Jewellers is the Crown partner of the Show. RJ Mr. Anoop from Himachal Pradesh did the free flow Anchoring in the show. The winners from different Indian states of the country were congratulated by the jury members and Glam Guidance wished for their bright future.

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