Nitin Gadkari answers the citizen’s questions about toll taxes at Agenda Aajtak 2021

New Delhi, Dec 03, 2021: Agenda Aajtak 2021 is off to a great start with interviews with eminent dignitaries of the center and state. Nitin Gadkari patiently answered all the questions about the toll taxes on the AajTak agenda 2021 while quashing every bit of misinformation about the government and the Ministry of transportation. Answering the most asked questions about toll taxes, Mr. Nitin Gadkari said, “Toll taxes are the only means of earning the resources put into a world-class transportation project.

The government takes heavy loans from the banks to build these world-class highways that are unmatched in quality and built to last. The expenditure on the construction has to be recovered by the residents who use it for daily conveyance. It is the reason behind levying toll taxes on citizens who travel by four-wheeler or heavy vehicles. We still haven’t levied taxes on two-wheelers because we understand that a large section of the society lacks the financial backing to purchase and pay taxes on these vehicles.”

Talking about the exclusion, Mr. Nitin Gadkari said, “It is a false notion that only government officials are exempted from toll taxes. Only the eminent dignitaries of the country are exempted from paying toll taxes, along with military forces and ambulance vehicles. We have even broadened our list to farmers with tractors during rallies and a few other minor exemptions. To achieve a world-class transportation system and services, the citizens should become responsible and pay toll taxes that help us maintain the highway and keep them in mint condition. No other exemptions exist for toll taxes, and it must be borne by every individual using the roads.”

He further explained, “Ministry of transport is working tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of the country have access to quality roads and highways. As the quality of roads and highways improve, citizens have to spend a lot less time in traffic honking horns at each other. Fuel wastage shrinks as the traffic flow becomes almost fluid, with minor halts in between. So, the construction of roads benefits the country’s citizens, and they must ensure that roads are not damaged intentionally and tolls are paid at proper checkpoints. We have launched the Infra Bond to accept monetary help from the citizens, which will be compensated by giving competent interest rates to all the donators.”

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