Parul University Takes Further Strides In Innovation By Receiving a 4.5 Star Rating under Institution’s Innovation Council’s 2.0 Annual National Rating

Baroda, Gujarat : The challenges which have been arising in todays’ times have been cementing Parul  University’s position of furthering entrepreneurship and innovation, as a vital part of its teaching and learning process. It is due to this reason that this Vadodara situated University, has once again received a mark of recognition for its countless efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship. As a part of the Institution’s Innovation Council’s annual nationwide rankings for higher performing institutions in the field of entrepreneurship, Parul University recently received a 4.5 star rating. The University’s position was declared by the Honorable Union Minister of Education, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, amongst some of the top Institutions across the country.

Institution’s Innovation Council is a Ministry of Education initiative established in collaboration with All India Council for Technical Education with the objective of promoting and advancing innovative practices amongst higher educational institutions. The efforts of the council have resulted in the creation of centres of innovation along with numerous activities and events in institutions across India, focusing on ideation, proof of concept development, design thinking, intellectual property, project incubation, management amongst others. It has been through such initiatives that Parul University has emerged as a rising centre of innovation and entrepreneurship. From its recent ARIIA ranking, to this latest IIC rating, the University has been making its mark in the sphere of higher education across India.

Through its innovative practices, the University has created the most engaging ecosystem of start up and entrepreneurship amongst its students and faculties. Over the years, Parul University has been laying a solid foundation within its students from the time of face to face to learn, till the time they have been learning from home, the students of this University have been excelling in practical innovation and have received notable grants under various Government initiatives. This 4.5 rating therefore, is in recognition of such efforts which the University has been making in entrepreneurship. For its innovation oriented policies, the University received a score of 93.33 out of 100, awarding them this mark of excellence.

To earn this ranking, Parul University satisfied a three type scoring system developed by IIC, to measure and weigh the innovative performance of higher educational institutions across the country. The University had to effectively follow the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell prescribed calendar of activities. In addition, they were also required to take part in a series of MIC driven initiatives, which revolved around the promotion and development of entrepreneurship. The final ingredient which was to be satisfied for this rating was in regards to the institution’s own self-driven initiatives, where Parul University went the extra mile in investing towards ensuring the active engagement of its students and faculties in innovation centred initiatives.

Parul University Takes Further Strides In Innovation By Receiving a 4.5 Star Rating under Institution’s Innovation Council’s 2.0 Annual National Rating

Parul University is a part of IIC’s Central Regional Office, which includes Universities and Institutions from Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, and Madya Pradesh, from which a total 13 Institutions received ratings more than or equal to 4.5 out of 5. “It is indeed a moment of great pride for us as a University to be able to operate inline with the National agenda towards furthering innovation amongst students. Through our solution oriented approach to education, we have been continuously making strides to provide our students and faculties with an ecosystem where they can express their entrepreneurship abilities. We are honoured to have the Hon. Minister of Education, Shri Nishank, declare our position amongst top Institutions across India at IIC 2.0”, said the University’s President Dr. Devanshu J Patel.

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