Rastriya Kamdhenu Aayog announces Kamdhenu Gau-Vigyan Prachar-Prasar Exam

Establishment of Kamdhenu Chair or Kamdhenu Study Centre or Kamdhenu Research Centre in all colleges and universities across the country has been appreciated by all and it is getting the country-wide momentum. For raising mass awareness about Indigenous Cowsamong young Students and every other citizen, RASTRIYA KAMDHENU AAYOG(RKA) has come out with a noble initiative of making Study materials about Cow Science available and conduct “Kamdhenu Gau-VigyanPrachar-Prasar Examination”. This will infuse the curiosity into all Indians about the cows, and make them aware of the unexplored potential and business opportunities a cow can offer, even after it stops giving milk.

KamdhenuGau-VigyanPrachar-PrasarExam will be an online exam to be conducted throughout the country on 25th February, 2021. The proposed details for this examination will be put on our official website very soon. The website and http:// exam will be conducted in four categories (1) Primary level up to Std 8th (2) Secondary level (from class 9th to class 12th)(3) College level (after 12th+) (4) For the general public.

The KamdhenuGau-VigyanPrachar-Prasar Exam will be of 100 marks and one-hour duration in Hindi, English and 12 regional languages.There is no fee for the examination.The examination will be tick-mark objective type question-answers (MCQ).The syllabus as well as other literature and reference books on cows, which will be recommended on the website of the RashtriyaKamdhenuAayog, will help the examinees prepare for the exam. Blogs, videos and other selected reading material will be uploaded on official website. Scientists, entrepreneurs, GauSevaks, farmers, youth and women as well as senior citizens will actively work to make this mega event a grand success.

The examination will be conducted in a transparent and impartial manner. Questions will be set in such a way that during the online exam there will be no scope for any maneuvering. Results will be immediately declared on the website of RKA. Certificates will be given to all. Successful meritorious candidates will be given prizes and certificates afterwards. Appreciation letters will be issued to all those who help in organizing this exam.

The Registration Link for this online exam will be available on website of RashtriyaKamdhenuAayog, which is “” / “”.To make this event a grand success, Union Education Ministers/Chief Ministers/State Education Ministers/Chairmen of GauSevaAayogs of all States/District Education Officers of all States/Principals of all schools/ Print and Electronic Media, NGOs and Cow Donors will be involved in this mammoth exercise. TheKamdhenuGau-VigyanPrachar-Prasar Exam will be an annual event of the RashtriyaKamdhenuAayog in future.It will also fulfil the objectives of Atmanirbhar Bharat/Vocal for Local/Green India/Digital India/Clean India/Healthy India/Make in India concepts of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. For further information relating to KamdhenuGau-VigyanPrachar-Prasar Exam, please visit the website of RKA “” / “kamdhenu.

RKA has been successful in delivering the message across the country that the cow is not just a milk-giving animalbut its Environmental, Health and Economic benefits are immense if used properly. Its so-called waste products like cow-dung and cow-urine, which are cheap and abundantly available, are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. Hence, these can be gainfully used by cow entrepreneurs to make the cow-rearing sustainable, which in turn can contribute towards economic growth of the country. A few campaigns of RKA this year, namely, GaumayaGanesha Campaign, KamdhenuDeepawali Campaign, Kamdhenu DevDeepawali and a series of seminars and webinars have carried the message of other uses of cow dung and cow urine very effectively.

RashtriyaKamdhenuAayog (RKA) has been constituted by the Government of India for the conservation, preservation, protection and development of cows and their progenies and for giving directions for the cattle development programmes. RKA is a high-powered permanent body to formulate policies and to provide directions for the implementation of schemes related to cattle so as to lay more emphasis on livelihood generation for small & marginal farmers, women and youth entrepreneurs.-PIB

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