Singer Soumita Saha’s heart wrenching message for International Day of Families touched netizens 

Founded by the United Nations (UN) in 1994, the International Day of Families is observed every May 15 to honor the importance of families. Families—both traditional and non-traditional—are the foundation of society. India the culture of family bonding is promoted in large scale. Indians irrespective of their age takes pride in family culture. The practice of ‘Joint Family ‘ is prevalent in our nation. Through ages we have practiced highlighting the cleaner side of joint family. Our grandparents and parents decided to hide the untidy side and the unkept dirt kept hidden through ages have created mess in many of our lives. But only a few of us could break through it and rest had their mental health suffering. Recently singing sensation Soumita Saha took the internet conveying her heart wrenching message on “family”. The EDM star and Tagore Music exponent successfully described how the illusion of an United family practicing cultural harmony affected mental sanity of her parents. She mentioned an incident where her relatives harassed her parents suspecting the singing star to be covid positive. Showing medical certificate of not being tested positive could not help. She had to take help of the cops as her parents were verbally abused by her relatives. The young diva also add “Family is not necessarily blood relations, instead who your inner voice bleed for” She acknowledged the presence of her Parents, and Maternal uncle as blessing, her fiance as pillar of strength and also mentions music Industry and the industry of performing arts as her family.

Her heart wrenching message touched netizen’s. Most importantly she focused on how people are using the presence of covid to get their vengeance fulfilled. Soumita Saha is not only famous as an EDM star, her contribution to the field of Rabindrasangeet is mention worthy. Soumita is a successful playback singer in tollywood and also known for being vocal about various social issues. This is probably the first time the singing Diva raised voice about something absurd in her own life.

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