Trucknetic Introduces ‘EVolev’ as India’s first platform for EV Trucks

Trucknetic, India’s Uber for Trucks, has recently launched ‘EVolev’ platform for electric trucks. The platform aims at disrupting the EV ecosystem for trucks in India and accelerating its mass adoption. Trucknetic has already been solving the return load problem to bring the cost of logistics down and reduce the carbon footprint in the country. However, with the launch of EVolev, the Delhi-based startup aims at removing the barriers for the mass adoption of electric vehicles and bringing the entire EV ecosystem on a single platform.

EVolev is pronounced as ‘evolve’ and signifies the evolution of the Indian transportation industry to the new age electric vehicles that are a superior alternative to traditional mobility solutions that are good for Earth, good for business and good for people. ‘Olev’ in the name stands for ‘online electric vehicle’ that gestures to the Electric Vehicles as a service (EV-aas) platform that the startup is building.

EVolev also comes with a unique logo where the bold ‘E’ represents the smooth transition to electric vehicles with ‘V’ describing the power and significance of electric mobility in road logistics in the near future.

“Businesses such as e-commerce, and logistics firms which depend a lot on vehicular transportation, are best placed to be early adopters and market-shapers in the electric vehicle space. Our company sees tremendous potential for electric freight mobility to build a green and robust supply chain for the future. Going fully electric in this manner is one step in transitioning mobility systems to adapt to climate-friendly technology and operations that will not only future-proof the business but also drastically reduce transport-related carbon emissions,” Arham Partap Jain, Founder, Trucknetic said.

There is a major policy, industry, and consumer focus and with the Indian government’s commitment of having 30 percent of private vehicles as EVs by 2030 at COP-27, the sector is seeing a major boost from all the stakeholders involved. Following the push, auto manufacturers and supply chain companies are now investing heavily to reach the aspirational goal.

With the launch of EV Trucks, the company is yet to witness the revolution in road logistics mobility and the emergence of an EV aggregation platform for commercial trucks in India will be a remarkable way to accelerate EV adoption.

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