Highly Experienced 5 Best Vedic Astrologers in India Year 2022: Highly Researched

You need guidance from a trusted astrologer in India to maximize benefits you get with accurate predictions and practical advice. Here’s a list of India’s top five (5) astrologists and how they positively affect lives home and abroad!

The world’s best astrologers are from India, and these experts offer nothing but the best services to countless clients. Many potential clients from within and outside India flock to these astrologers for their experience, qualifications, and practical guidance.

The best astrologers in India have transformed countless lives with their accurate predictions and theirability to recommend solutions.

The best astrologer list in India comprises top professionals in Vedic astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and other practices. Through this list, you’ll see how the top five astrologers in India have worked overtime to give this nation international acclaim.

You can also consult several astrologers in this list for expert advice and close consultations with ease!

1. Bejan Daruwalla

Bejan Daruwalla is not popular as a former English professor but as India’s best ever astrologer. The legendary astrologer was popular for his practice of Hindu and Western astrology. He also practiced with I-Ching, Tarot card reading, Numerology, and Kabalah.

Shri Daruwalla was popular for his five-step approach to giving predictions and made several accurate forecasts in his lifetime. Some of his notable predictions earned him international acclaim and countless recognitions within India.

Daruwalla received accolades like the Ahmedabad ParsiPanchayat Lifetime Achievement Award and 2019 Eminence Awards. He passed away in 2020 but his exploits as a professional astrologer still rank him top amongst India’s best experts.  

2. Kotamraju Narayana (K. N.) Rao

K. N. Rao is one of India’s most respected astrologers with many qualifications, awards, and notable achievements in the discipline. He is currently over 90 years old, making him one of India’s oldest living astrology gurus.

Shri Rao’s experience in astrology has rubbed off on countless prodigies in the industry with his over seven decades’ knowledge. Throughout Rao’s learning stage, he received extensive Vedic astrology training from three gurus and garnered predictive prowess along the way.

Rao’s ability to predict future events earned him local and international recognition quickly. Many of Rao’s predictions foretold significant world events and occurrences in the lives of popular international and domestic figures.

Some of his notable predictions increased the number of international clients Rao receives. His client list includes countless successful individuals from different countries.

3. Dr. Hemant Barua

Dr. Hemant Barua is a popular astrologer and one of India’s most qualified experts in Vedic astrology. He has a doctorate degree in Astrology and receives several international awards for his contribution to astrology.

Dr. Barua’s services have positively affected 75,000+ clients in India and abroad. He applies horoscopic analysis and experience in Gemology to offer solutions to clients. Some of Dr. Hemant’s most popular methods include the use of classical references, charts, and other proven techniques to offer predictions. He currently has one of the most diverse client lists worldwide, with local and international celebrities as regular customers.

He also gives back to the general community with astrology calculations his audience can rely on to live better lives. His advice and predictions help clients with health, finances, legal matters, education, relationships, and lots more.

You can book a telephonic consultation with Dr. Hemant on his website www.planetsnhouses.comor reach him through WhatsApp (+91 977-395-9523).

4. Chandramauli Upadhyay

Dr. ChandramauliUpadhyay is a renowned Indian scholar and one of the country’s most notable astrologists for several decades. He currently heads the Department of Astrology at Banaras Hindu University. Dr. Upadhyay also lectures Jyotish (Astrology) at many schools in India.

With over three decades of experience in astrology, Dr. Chandramauli took after his father, the legendary PanditRajmohanUpadhyay.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Upadhyay has received several awards for immense contributions to astrology in India. Some of his most notable awards are from organizations like Rotary Club and Ganga SevaNidhi.

Apart from being a professional astrologer and teacher to countless students, Dr. Upadhyay holds several important positions in the religious community. He is a trustee of two of India’s most prestigious temples – the Mundeshwari Devi and Sri Kashi Vishwanath temples in Bihar and Varanasi respectively.

Dr. Upadhyay holds other academic positions as an astrologer and offers his advice and expertise to countless clients. He has written over six (6) important publications about astrology and ranks high amongst India’s top experts.

5. Ajit Singh Kalra

Dr. Ajit Singh Kalra, popularly known as A. S. Kalra, is an Indian astrologist of international renown. A. S. Kalra cut his teeth in his entry years as a psychologist providing horoscope analysis to several interested parties locally and abroad.

Dr. Kalra is quite popular in Delhi and other adjoining locations for his expertise in delivering accurate predictions from horoscopy. Throughout his career, Dr. Kalra has frequented popular destinations like Ananda Spa in the Himalayas where his services are in high demand.

He currently services local and international clients one-on-one or online. Clients can reach Dr. Kalra through his website for all kinds of consultations and professional advice based on astrology.

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